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Mick, who had pain in his hip joint

Dear Heather,

I would just like to write to say thank you. I am so grateful for your help. As you are aware I am now able to walk normally without sticks and relieved of the horrendous pain in my hip joint. I find it a miracle that after only 3 weekly treatments I am pain free which means I am now able to do jobs around the home and garden, help my daughter and grandchildren.

After other treatments had failed the healing has worked. This makes me feel happy that now I can lead a normal life.


Jaqui, who needed some more balance in her life

Hi Heather,

The healing and counselling has really helped to change things for me. Things seem to be going ok at the moment but I am concentrating more on the positives these days which is through your influence.

I have made some decisions in my life that I hope are the right ones but I can only try and see. When things settle a bit and if its ok with you, would I be able to have another healing session as I think that has really helped me get some balance back into my life. I can't begin to thank you and explain to you the difference talking to you made to my life. It wasn't until I really started to reflect that I realised just how on the edge I was and I really think that if I hadn't come to you I don't know if I would be here or not.

I think what I'm trying to get across is that I want you to know that you really did have a major part in helping me to turn my life around.


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