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What is Counselling?

Counselling can give you support through a difficult time. It can provide you with someone to talk to outside of your immediate circle of family and friends who will listen with empathy, understanding, caring and who is non-judgemental towards you. Counselling can offer you time – in a safe, private environment where you can clarify your feelings, your choices and priorities to enable you to find your way forward in life.

Counselling sessions give you time and space to work things through in your own way. Confidentiality is paramount and you can expect that what you say will be treated with the greatest respect, sensitivity and discretion. You might like to be assured that your counsellor will receive on-going supervision by a BACP registered Supervisor.

Is Counselling for me?

There are times when many of us feel unable to cope with some aspects of life.

  • Who is anxious, depressed, stressed or feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities.
  • Who is worried about their relationships, family problems, work situation or money?
  • Who has experienced violence, abuse, major life changes, or other trauma?
  • Tense or worried about family matters.
  • Feeling empty or isolated, lonely or unhappy.
  • Dissatisfied with life.
  • Preparing to face important events.
  • Wanting to relate more easily to others.
  • Who would like to change their life, but something seems to be holding you back.
  • Facing and coming to terms with long term illness.
  • Suffering grief or loss – especially following the death of somebody significant.

How could Counselling help me?

Counselling offers help with life issues, problems and personal challenges in your life. It will help you to take control by offering you support in a non-judgemental way during this difficult time.

  • The Counselling service is there to help you, whether it is a minor hitch or a major issue.
  • You might come to know yourself better and see your situation more clearly.
  • You might be able to see a wider range of choices that you could make to help yourself.
  • Counselling may be able to help you get in touch with yourself again and make decisions about your life.

You might also be able to put things behind you that you were worried would stay with you for life. Talking helps the normal process of healing. It can be a great relief to be able to tell the whole story to someone who has time to listen and understand something of what you are feeling. Counsellors are people with experience of helping others through difficult paths in their lives. They won’t mind if you want to let off steam and will accept your tears or anger.

How long should I have Counselling?

Sometimes a single session might be enough, but for many kinds of difficulties it is often better for you and your counsellor to agree to work together over a period of time. Counselling sessions normally take place in Cranfield about five minutes from M1 Junction 14. When you make an appointment I will send you a location map.

Sessions are £35 per hour.

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